Looking for Solutions in Health Care for 2006 and Beyond

Our health care system needs to change to accommodate new demographics, new technologies and new pharmacologic advancement.

The roots of compassion and caring in health care should not change however, and it is with this in mind that the dialogue of change should be had surrounding health care.

How can we adapt to different needs that emerge as our population ages?

How can we  find sustainability in the midst of so many new advancements?

How can individuals become more empowered in serving their own health care needs?

What role does the individual have in enabling the  health care of others  beyond paying taxes?

Many questions like these need to be answered and if we are willing to look with open minds at the problems within our health care system, and beyond political posturing, then we can find new  solutions to take us further into this century. 






As a physician who has worked in the Canadian health care system in Ontario and Alberta for twenty-eight years, I have witnessed significant deterioration in access, in provider morale and patient satisfaction.

I would like to believe that Canada's health care system can persist in its current form for future generations  with some minor transformations and major cash infusions, but my experiences tell me otherwise.

We need to have an honest discussion surrounding options for a sustainable health care system, and this must be done in a way that removes the  discussion from the political arena as much as possible.

 The intent of this blog is to inspire debate, identify problems and seek solutions.  This can only be done by encouraging input from patients, providers, and the public in general.

Opinions are often heated when it comes to health care and passion for beliefs is to be valued. However, individuals posting here are asked to do so with respect for others' opinions and concerns.